Friday, March 9, 2012

Sunny Sweetheart's 1-year Anniversary!

March 6th marked the 1-year anniversary of my blog!

I missed it by a few days. How did I forget?! Really, Ally? I cannot believe it has already been a year since I began this blog. Time flies so fast.

I originally began blogging because I was so inspired by the blogs I read already. A majority of the blogs I read are fashion-related, and I was just itching to start my own. Two vauge-ish goals I had when starting Sunny Sweetheart were: (1) post at least once a day and (2) do outfit posts.
One of my first layout designs! I like my current design much better.
It took a while to get into the swing of things and find my writing style for the first few weeks. I think most personal bloggers go through that beginning phase of finding their own unique style.

After many sporadic posts - I only wrote once in August - I started posting more regular outfit photos in September 2011. While I didn't post every day for a while, I posted much more often than before. Blogging became an exciting few minutes of my day where I could unwind and focus my thoughts. In February of this year, I decided I wanted to do 29 posts - one for each day of the month! I made a little goal to get through one post a day for the month, and am so happy I did! I really enjoy posting daily and want to keep it up!

I did two outfit posts over the summer, but this is from my first semi-regular one:
I MISS BEING THIS TAN. Winter, you suck sometimes.
I can't believe how much my blog has evolved in its first year. It is crazy to see how my writing changes and improves, and looking back and seeing what I was up to on a certain day. I did a 2011 reflection post and a favorites post at the end of the year, and even in these past few months, it has still evolved a little! Oh, and I have some new ideas and goals up my sleeve, by the way. So stay tuned. ;)

Whether you're a new reader or have been visiting for a while, THANK YOU for stopping by! I truly appreciate all your comments and feedback, and enjoy checking out your blogs too! I hope you have enjoyed reading Sunny Sweetheart, it's been one heck of a year.



  1. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! xoxo Demmy

  2. Here's to many more girl!!!
    PS: Love this outfit!!!

    Don't mind my uber-late comments, I'm slowly catching up on missed posts!