Monday, March 31, 2014

mean girls monday: week 1

Wildfox t-shirt | ASOS skirt | Max & Chloe ring and bangle | Kate Spade initial charm bracelet | Kate Spade pumps | Betsey Johnson handbag

Today marks the first edition of Mean Girls Monday and I am very excited to share with you my outfit inspired by the quote, "Get in loser, we're going shopping." I couldn't resist the super trendy "shopping is my cardio" tee from Wildfox, and added "Mean Girls" elements like a pink flare skirt, pointed pumps, and personalized jewelry. Little bows on the handbag and the pumps add an extra girly touch to the outfit. This is something I could see a 2014 Regina George wearing, don't you think?

"There's a Mean Girls quote for everything," I like to say. To celebrate the movie's 10 year anniversary (it came out on April 30, 2004), I'm doing a series on Sunny Sweetheart called Mean Girls Monday, where I share an outfit inspired by a quote from the movie! While the classic quotes are 2004, the outfit will be "updated" to make it look fashionable in 2014. Check back for next week's Mean Girls Monday with a new outfit inspired by one of the iconic quotes!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

introducing: mean girls monday!

It is no secret that Mean Girls is my all-time favorite movie. Almost ten years ago, my best friend's older sister took us to see the movie in theaters and I've now seen it at least 50+ times (not kidding). While it's crazy to think that a decade has passed since, it's almost crazier that the movie has become a modern classic and a major pop culture phenomenon. There's a Mean Girls quote for everything, I like to say.

To celebrate the movie's 10 year anniversary (it came out on April 30, 2004), I'm going to do a series on Sunny Sweetheart called Mean Girls Monday, where I share an outfit inspired by a quote from the movie! While the classic quotes are 2004, the outfit will be "updated" to make it look fashionable in 2014.

Check back for tomorrow for the first Mean Girls Monday with an outfit inspired by one of the iconic quotes! You excited for the next five weeks? Me too.



Saturday, March 29, 2014

tumblr saturday #96

Happy weekend! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.

Don't just settle.

I ADORE this Kate Spade coat with the bow.

A dog with a plaid collar :) how cute.

There - wherever There is, that's where I want to be right now.


Hi dolls! I am doing my first giveaway ever featuring this monogrammed weekender bag from TadpolesandTutusBout on Etsy!
Here are the rules,
1.  You must be following muah,
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On March 31st I will use an online random generator to select the winner.  Good luck darlings!

This is quite the adorable bag
Love this monogram travel duffle! Anyone know where it's from?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

guest post: aryn from giraffes+garlic+glamour

I asked my friend Aryn from giraffes+garlic+glamour to do a guest post on makeup for spring. I love what she picked out! (Oh, and isn't that seahorse Tory Burch makeup case to die for?)
Spring Beauty Bag 1
Hey Sunny Sweetheart readers! My name is Aryn and I write for my own blog, giraffes+garlic+glamour. I'm so happy to be posting for Ally today. Since spring has finally made its way to Spokane I've been excited to break out all my bright colored clothes including capris and skirts. One of the things I struggle with most coming out of the cold season is how dull my normally warm complexion looks. This year I finally figured out a couple of tricks to get me beauty fit and to feel just as bright as I feel.
Spring Beauty Bag 2
What's in my spring makeup bag?
This year in particular I've gotten into wearing bright lip tints. I don't usually fuss with lip color anytime other than going out for drinks or on dates. But when I stumbled upon tarte's LipSurgence I couldn't resist wearing a bright matte for everyday. I just wish there were more colors! The same goes for this Sephora blush; even though it's orange it brightens up my features, drawing attention away from my dark eyes (and my grad school-induced circles). I typically use Naked's Basics palette because not only do all the colors compliment my olive skin tones but I can wear it day-to-night. Lighter cream for the day and darker browns for a smokey look at night (with some of MAC's "Satellite Dreams" eyeshadow).
Here's how I try and make all these look as natural as possible for everyday wear.
Spring Beauty Bag 3
I wandered into Sephora a few weeks ago and found the perfect gray for spring that isn't too ashy but just warm enough for sunny weather and to compliment my wardrobe pastels. It seriously matches just about everything - even my new Nike Sky Hi Dunks! I like to think of it as a kind of elephant gray hue.
Spring Beauty Bag 4
Rollerball perfumes are ideal for when you're on the go or running to meetings from work or school. I love this one from from Giorgio Armani because it still smells clean without being too much.
What's in your spring beauty bag?
- a
Thanks, Aryn!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

off to california!

I'm so excited to be heading to California today to see some family. This was a spontaneous trip and I'm excited to be there for a few days.

Check back soon for a guest post from Aryn, and follow me on Instagram for pics of my California adventure!


Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm guest posting today!

Make sure to head over to my friend Aryn's blog, Giraffes + Garlic + Glamour, to read my post on what to wear to work. Whether you're doing interviews, need to build a wear-to-work wardrobe, or just want some inspiration for your work outfits, then this post is sure to help you out!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

tumblr saturday #95

Happy weekend! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
Vineyard Vines's list to get spring started.
Colorful summer table setting.
so pretty!
Gorgeous strawberries!
I don't know where this is, but it's pretty and I want to go to there.
boys in gingham are my weakness
I'm a sucker for a man in gingham...
A fun print.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

spring neutrals

 Nordstrom jacket (similar) | Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses | Nordstrom belt | Gap jeans | Michael Kors watch | J. Crew bracelet (similar) | Victoria's Secret nail polish in "String Bikini"

It's officially the first day of spring! While I wish it were warmer, it felt nice to wear a light jacket and not a coat or sweater. I kept the outfit pretty neutral, but with bubble gum pink nails and some heeled booties.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a little sun after the storm

 C. Wonder top | Hunter boots | Aritzia cardigan (similar) | Max & Chloe monogram necklace | C. Wonder long necklace (similar here and here) | Michael Kors watch | Nordstrom arrow bracelet | Kiel James Patrick knot bracelet | Sanctuary jeans | Chanel sunglasses


Saturday, March 15, 2014

tumblr saturday #94

Happy weekend! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.

Mother Theresa
loveee that skirt
Love, love, LOVE that skirt. Anyone know where it's from? Looks like it could be Anthropologie?

beach <3The beach is my favorite place to go in the summer. :) Wish I lived closer to some warm ones!
Summer lemonade in a mason jar. At least spring has almost sprung....!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last day of work - wearing a pink Kiel James Patrick bracelet and Nordstrom arrow bracelet. OH and Nordstrom liked my photo!!!! I was beyond excited. This was my actual reaction when I saw the notification (not exaggerating!):
 Floral statement necklace + windowpane (J. Crew top, Lou Lou necklace)
I got a little excited when I went to The Lucky Knot in Alexandria. It easily became my new favorite boutique! As you can tell, I got quite a few adorable items.
 July 2014 of the Jonathan Adler agenda is so patriotic and happy. :)
 A #TBT to Vegas 2013 last year! I can't believe my senior spring break was a whole year ago!
 Another throwback to sophomore year of college with one of my besties/roomies, Lauren!
I loved going to the gorgeous (and warm!) botanical gardens in DC.
 The beautiful view from the hotel...
 Wearing my spirit jersey near one of the most 'merican buildings I could find... ;)
Between my boots, my passport case, my phone case, and my bracelet, I had a LOT of pink going on. Sometimes I forget how many random things I have that are pink and happen to use them all at the same time, haha.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

lilly pulitzer x estee lauder [free gifts!]

I loved spending this past month in DC, not only because of my job and the great people I worked with, but also because I adore east coast style. Walking around the city is inspiration enough, where I take mental notes of the fashionable ensembles I see. (And the men! The men look so put-together there. In my opinion.) I love the fashion, the bright colors, the J. Crew-ness and the classic clothing that people wear. Brands like Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines, and Vera Bradley aren't as well-known (or typically sold in stores) over here in the northwest, so I always make sure to take advantage of the shopping opportunities on my time off.

Anyways, when I learned that Lilly Pulitzer is collaborating with Estee Lauder, I just had to share. Lilly Pulitzer is giving away one-of-a-kind makeup bags at Macy's with any Estee Lauder purchase of $35 or more. You also get a 7-piece gift set (valued at $120+).
Oh, and did you notice that the eyeshadow case matches the print of the bag? ;) How adorable. What a fun way to add some more pink and green to your life, while stocking up on your makeup products.
If you're shopping online, make sure to check out the Estee Lauder skincare and foundation finder quizzes. This takes the guessing out of online shopping, so you know what makeup is right for you without having to try it on in-store! Being unsure of the shade right for me was always my dilemma about shopping for makeup online, but this makes the process much easier.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

america spirit jersey

Last week I mentioned getting this spirit jersey in the mail and I just had to share a photo of what it looks like on! I've been looking at getting an America spirit jersey since last summer but held off (I was living in Europe for 5 months...) I'm glad I did because I just so happened to find this one.

I've gotten some questions on where it's from. It's this one here on Etsy. It comes personalized on the front left chest too - I got my monogram in silver. :)

While I was on the National Mall, I just had to get the iconic Capitol Building in the background for the most 'merica backdrop out there!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

tumblr saturday #93

Happy weekend! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire in Funny Face, 1957.
I feel ya, sista!
Summer, hurry up, please. (Daylight savings means it's getting closer!)

We all need someone to look up to

We all need someone to look up to. :)
These cherries look delicious.
Breathtaking tree canopy.
Haha, yup! This is so me.