Friday, June 29, 2012

the color run 5k

I found out about The Color Run via Pinterest and I really really really want to do it!
Bright colors make me happy! The Seattle Color Run.
Basically, it is a 5k walk/run where you show up in a white shirt and they blast you with color at each "k" along the way. I think having the color would make the race a lot more fun than a regular one. I mean, how couldn't it?
And it was all yellow! #thecolorrun

Doesn't this look like FUN?! I wish there were going to be a run in my city, but unfortunately there isn't! I juuuust might make a road trip out of it to do one this summer. And if I do, I'll keep you posted ;)

Learn more from the website and see more photos on the Pinterest page (where I got these photos from).


tumblr friday #7

Happy Friday! Because of my love for America (you'll be seeing a lot of USA-themed posts for 4th of July) here are some of my faves floating around Tumblr this week - American style!

This is so beyond beautiful! Now THAT'S a kiss under the fireworks! ;)

Flag shirt & denim


Ice-cold with a lime


*All photos can be found on my tumblr

Thursday, June 28, 2012

what to wear on 4th of july

Due to a request to do a Fourth of July themed post, I decided to create some outfits inspired by the holiday! These would be great for many festivities surrounding the fourth!

I think of a nice evening on a boat when I see this outfit! I love this bright blue swimsuit, which would look cool peeking out underneath the crochet of the cover-up. [My friend has this exact cover-up and loves it! It looks really good on too.] Metallic accessories keep it neutral but classic, and the floppy hat adds some extra glam.

I had to use this adorable flag bikini from a previous post - it is perfect for the fourth! This outfit is more casual and layers a chambray shirt over the swimsuit with denim shorts - what material is more American than denim? The pockets on the shorts have glittery stars sticking out the bottom (I couldn't resist) and I added some blue and white flip flops and red wayfarers to complete the look. Perfect for running around at a barbecue by the lake!

The red, sparkly nail polish inspired this whole outfit. It's like a firework on your nails! I matched the nail polish with a bright red tank and denim shorts and added classic accessories to not go overboard. I love the pearl and bow details on the flip flops and the leather band of the watch.

Let's celebrate the Fourth of July in style!



major sales: francesca's and victoria's secret

To anyone up late doing some online shopping, be sure to check out these great sales going on right now!

Francesca's is having a sale on their sale, now till July 2nd! Get on this, ladies!
Floral sandals for $9.98? Yes, please!

As you may already know, Victoria's Secret is having their Semi-Annual Sale. This is the perfect time to stock up on bras, panties, and especially SWIMSUITS!
This is the perfect LWS (little white swimsuit) for summer!

Happy shopping! Enjoy the summer sales before all the pre-fall clothes come in! (Am I the only one that wants to wait for pre-fall? In the Northwest, summer weather starts in July, so I want to make the warm weather clothes last as long as I can...)


Sunday, June 24, 2012

what I wore to a bridal shower

Dress: Swank Shoes: Dolce Vita Bag: Kate Spade Sunglasses: American Eagle Earrings: Stella and Dot Bracelets: Nordstrom

This weekend I am in Colorado for a family friend's wedding! This is what I wore to the bridal shower. Red and turquoise is a classic color combination so I thought it would be fitting for the outdoor party.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

outfit inspired by fruit and picnics

kate spade gold bangle
kate spade cork bangle
francesca's hot pink and orange ring
francesca's green skinny belt
nordstrom hot pink tank
betsey johnson hot pink flats

I saw the watermelon pops on Pinterest and thought they were so cute! I love pink and green together, so I wanted to use them in this outfit and do major color-blocking. I also loveeeee the crochet flats and the cork bangle. This outfit would be perfect for a picnic on a warm, summer day!


top photo credits:

tree background
picnic basket graphic
watermelon pop image

Friday, June 22, 2012

tumblr friday #6

Happy Friday! Here are some of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
I love this! (Anyone know what this font is called?)
Tory Burch and sparkle, two of my favorite things.
Will always love JT.
I've tried to take dog photos like this so many times! For some reason the dogs will never look into the lense...

*all images may be found on my tumblr


Thursday, June 21, 2012

bauble bar

A friend recently told me about Bauble Bar, an online jewelry boutique. I'm so glad she told me about it! I have some gorgeous pieces on my wishlist. I like how they have both trendy and classic pieces, as well as expensive and inexpensive items. There's a good mix of everything, and there is a ton of COLOR! Because I like their jewelry so much, I made a shopping guide. Enjoy!
From left to right, clockwise:

What is your favorite? I can't decide between the tropical necklace and the green chain link bracelet.


Monday, June 18, 2012


It is now time when stores stock up on new planners for 2012-2013! I remember growing up that mid-summer was when all the kids would receive school supply lists from their teachers. Shopping for school supplies was so exciting! I can still smell the crisp scent of Crayola crayons straight out of the box...

Since my school planner ran out in May, I needed to get a new one right away! My summer internship was beginning and I needed a place to organize my schedule. I bought a plain pink 2011-2012 one from a lackluster leftover selection at Staples (booor-ing, I know, but at least it's pink!) but am in the market for a pretty one for 2012-2013!

Click links to shop: Target, Lifeguard Press, May Books, Amazon

I think any of these planners would add a touch of fun to a busy schedule - and brighten up a dreary day during the winter months!


Sunday, June 17, 2012


When I was little, it seemed like everything in our house was monogrammed. Everything from kitchen glasses to bedding to towels was embroidered with letters. My pink, monogrammed Vera Bradley duffle bag even had an accompanying mini size that I used to use for doll stuff. (Which was very helpful when I left it on a plane once - they identified the initials on my bag and safely returned my American Girl doll hair accessories to me! Haha).

A monogram necklace has been on my wishlist for a while. I think most monogrammed jewelry is timeless and very versatile. A few options on the wishlist...
This one is beautiful! It's my favorite one I've seen so far. $210 in Sterling Silver - Max & Chloe
I like this one too! It's in gold and a lot cheaper than the one from Max & Chloe ($84) so I'm not totally sure about the quality. From Sweet Tea Paperie
This one is acrylic rather than metal, which I think is a fun alternative. I haven't seen an acrylic one in person, however, so I don't know how it would look on. I think I'd like it, though. There are plenty of colors to choose from too! $64 - Bauble Bar

More monogram ideas!

personalized and organized...thinking of getting this, I'm in desperate need of a planner!
Thinking about getting a Maybook in these colors. So hard to choose which design and colors to use!
Love this. $199 - Sweet Tea Paperie
You can design your own Ralph Lauren shirt! You choose the shirt and embroidered color, and if you want your monogram or the pony. I personally think I would choose the pony, but both are cute options! $110 - Ralph Lauren

xo - aAq ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

broken camera / blue tank

Tank: Nordstrom Shorts: American Eagle Shoes: New Look [London] Necklace: F21

My camera is currently broken :( I'm hoping I can get it fixed soon! That's why I haven't been posting my outfits lately. But, I liked this outfit and even though it's not the best quality I decided to take the photo with my phone. A contrasting turquoise and silver necklace compliments the bright blue tank and I wore white shorts and flat espadrilles to accompany the color.


Friday, June 15, 2012

tumblr friday #5

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my faves this week floating around Tumblr.

Puppies! Awww.
This is SO cute!
If you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am not the biggest fan of coats. I just don't like winter, okay? But I LOVE this adorable pink coat with the bow!! If it were winter, I wouldn't mind wearing this.
Boys swimming = <3 = :)

Colors! Brights! Bracelets! Mint-colored clutch!

*All images can be found on my tumblr


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

laine blogger award

I would like to thank adorable Demmy from Uniquely Demmy for giving me a Laine Blogger Award! When you receive one, you answer a few questions and award five more bloggers. Then the five other bloggers can post this, answer the questions, and award five more! It's fun. :)

The Questions
1. What is your current beauty obsession?
Right now I really like Argan Oil. I wrote about it briefly in an old post because it's awesome! I put it on my wet hair after the shower and it dries (with or without) a blow dryer really quickly. It also makes hair shiny and healthy-looking.
2. What is one beauty item you wished you own?
A heat protectant! Every time I get my hair trimmed, the stylist scolds me for not using it before blow drying/curling/flat ironing my hair. The one she used at the salon was wonderful but also really expensive. I'll save up some money and get some then! Haha.
3. What kind of posts are your favorite to read and write?
My favorite posts to read are outfit posts. I love seeing how everyone puts together different outfits. Everyone has their own, unique, personal style. My favorite to write are fitness and fashion posts! I really like fitness, so writing about it is another way to express myself in my writing. I also like posting my outfits and writing about my day. My favorite outfit posts are the ones that I get a chance to take outside!
4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
My first internship was a writing job with College Fashion. It was so much fun, and I really liked writing about other students' personal style and photographing their outfits. [This might sound a little selfish of me, but I thought some of my outfits were CF-worthy too!] Other than College Fashion, I began reading The Daybook and loved seeing how a personal blog was different than a more professional one. The more blogs I read, the more I enjoyed reading them. I wanted to start my own! I began my blog last March.
5. What color nail polish are you wearing right now?
I just had what I call "Tiffany Blue" on my nails with clear jewels on the ring fingers which you can see in the photo below (sorry for the poor quality). My toes have a geranium-colored red.
The five blogs I nominate are....
1. All the Vanity... by Tina
2. Classic Glam by Halle
3. Suppose I Should Blog by Eimear
4. The Slice by Christina

This was fun! Be sure to check out the blogs I nominated - they're great! Also, does anyone know who Laine is or who started the Laine Blogger Award? Random question, just curious....Thanks again, Demmy!


zumba set list - 06/12/12

Last night I taught a free Zumba class at school! It was a lot of fun and I was surprised with the turnout of students, considering it is summer. One thing I love about Zumba is the upbeat, fun music and how it inspires people to move! Here is my set list from last night:
Do you like these songs? Any suggestions for my next class?


Monday, June 11, 2012

hot yoga - my first week


I just completed my first week of hot yoga! I went 5 out of 7 days this week on my first week of a one month trial. I've never taken a yoga class, so jumping right into a new exercise in a 105-degree room scared me a bit. I went with a friend for the first class to ease my nerves, and it wasn't as bad as I thought! Here is how each class went:

Class 1: Began sweating the moment I stepped in the room. Tried to get used to the heat, but rarely got dizzy. Was able to enjoy the feeling of yoga and do the poses pretty well. Was excited to try it again!

Class 2: This was probably my best class of all five I've taken so far. I took this one in the evening and I think it's a good time for me. My friend didn't come this time, so I stood near the back so I could watch other people and see what the poses were (the instructor only gives directions in this class and doesn't do the poses with us).

Class 3: Took this class in the morning and it was pretty good. I definitely wore the wrong tank top - it was cotton and very stiff - so I decided from then on to wear just a sports bra and shorts!

Class 4: Went to a class the next day in the morning again and I liked it. Not too much to add, it was pretty similar to the other classes. However my back felt stronger and more flexible in the spine series!

Class 5: The studio today was very packed and the room felt hotter than usual. Most of the class took breaks, and I laid down more than I had in the previous four classes. The instructor turned the heat down a couple of times - probably due to the extra amount of body heat - but focusing on breathing really helped me feel better. I  also had not eaten enough or drank enough water earlier today, so that made it harder for me. Everything considered, it went well.

I love finding new ways to exercise, and I've been wanting to try yoga for a while. I feel so calm and relaxed during the class and it is a nice way to unwind. I also feel my balance and core muscles getting stronger! As of now, I feel I am getting the benefits of hot yoga.

One week down, three to go! I'll keep you updated and write a review post when I am done with my one month trial!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

updates and nikes

1. I put a Bloglovn' button up! You can find it on the right-hand column. I've been a part of Bloglovin' for months now, but I never linked to it from here. Which doesn't make much sense. Haha. Soooo if you'd like to subscribe over at Bloglovin', click here!

2. I need help deciding which color Nikes I should get! I'm getting a pair of cross trainers for Zumba and other workouts (running shoes are so not good for my feet in Zumba). I need your help! My running shoes are hot pink, so I feel like the purple pair might be too much, but then again, I do love purple...right now my friends are saying purple. But also, the black and green are Zumba's main colors. Both are the same type of shoe and same price, on sale for $75 at Zappos. Hmmm....
So after I choose which pair, I should also go take a class on how to be less indecisive. "Decision-making 101." Yes. That would be nice.

3. Found these lovely Dolce Vita sandals at Nordstrom yesterday! I wasn't planning on buying sandals - I need a pair of wedges more than anything - but I really like these. The turquoise color looks beautiful with the gold accents. Originally $70, got them for $36! AND the "name" of the shoe is Archer. What a find. ;)
I can see these looking good with white denim and sundresses this summer!

4. I haven't been posting as regularly this month so far - I'm sowwyyy. I have a lot going on right now, plus, it is midterms week. Hopefully I'll be back to regular posting soon. Just as soon as I stop procrastinating this essay...

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Friday, June 8, 2012

tumblr friday #4

Happy Friday! Here are my a few of my faves this week floating around Tumblr.


Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, in season 2 of Gossip Girl. I've been looking for her necklace since that season came out - if anyone knows where to find it, PLEASE let me know! :)
Who watched Miss USA this year? I loved Miss Ohio's gorgeous evening gown.
The Beatles - love this.

*All images can be found on my tumblr

Thursday, June 7, 2012

outfit to work

Tank, belt: Nordstrom Jeans: Rock & Republic Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: F21 Necklace: Muses & Rebels Shoes: Tory Burch

Indoor outfit post today! I liked my outfit, but since today is going to be pretty hectic, I took a minute to take the photo inside. Hence, the awkward bathroom mirror photo (so myspace....haha)! I wore this outfit to work. These skinnies have a very dark wash and a waxy finish. I streamlined the pants with a silky-ish black tank, and black flats, and added some metallic accessories. Now, looking back, I wish I would've added some more color! Overall, I like how black can make an outfit seem a little more dressed up.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

youtube exercise videos

About a week ago, a friend and I decided to exercise in our apartment instead of going to the gym or running outside - mostly because it was raining! (Icky.) We did a whole Zumba "class" (one-on-one private lesson! haha) and then looked on YouTube to find more ways to exercise at home. How did we not think of this before?! This is amazing! So many fit, inspiring people upload some great workouts online that range from a few minutes to an hour. And it's all free!

Two of my favorite workouts on YouTube thus far are ones from Blogilates or The Butt Bible. They're great!

Here are a few great ones from Blogilates [click the links above since the video shows up small on this post]:
This is a short video, to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction!! The song itself is so catchy and it's fun to work out to it! Because it's only a couple of minutes, it's nice to squeeze in if I get really busy.

I've been trying to tone up my legs lately, and this one is great for that!

This ab workout is AWESOME. It uses paper plates similar to those disc-things, so it's easy to do at home! I was sore the next day after this one.

A few great Butt Bible workouts:
This is the one my friend first showed to me. It's awesome! I felt the burn, and it is great for your butt AND quads and hamstrings.

This one adds weight resistance. The girl is very motivating - different than the girl from Blogilates - she says things like "enjoy that cramping muscle feeling" and "what are you going to eat for dinner? Not a cheeseburger!" It makes me laugh and keeps me going.

This workout uses weights for part of it and works arms, back, and core. The crunches and back exercises were some of my favorites.

Have you tried any of these? If you know of any other great workouts to try, let me know! I'm always looking to try something new. :)


Monday, June 4, 2012

color blocking: cap toe flats

The color block trend is going strong and is incorporated on just about any type of clothing or accessory! Color blocking on flats; often called "cap toe flats," is one of my favorite ways the trend has shown up. Here are a few styles I am loving:
Cece colorblock ballet flats