Friday, August 31, 2012

tumblr friday #14/15

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
A pretty, pink chair.

A Tiffany knot bracelet??!! A Kiel James Patrick bracelet is already on my wishlist, but now I may have to consider this one. ;)

I just like this picture, and the dog in the car makes me go, "awww."

Blue macaroons with pink sprinkles!


PS-photo credits may be found on my tumblr


I turned 21 years old this week! In America, that's a landmark year and calls for a big celebration. My lovely friends did indeed make me a sash, with shimmer puffy paint, just like I hinted :) we had a little party at a friend's house and then went to a bar at midnight. Pretty typical for a college 21-run, but seriously so much fun! It was great to see everyone who didn't stay on campus this summer to kick off the beginning of senior year.

More pics from the night:
Closeup of the sash and crown - my roomie also gave me nail polish and a necklace from Bauble Bar!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

tommy hilfiger home on ruelala

I don't often look at the home/living section on RueLala, but I am loving the selection of Tommy Hilfiger home decor! From bedding to curtains and pillows, there is a lot of choose from - at a great discount - if you're looking to redecorate or add something new to your home.
Tommy Hilfiger 'Rose Cottage' Open Stock Window Panel & Valance
Rose Cottage Window Panel and Valance
Tommy Hilfiger 'Park Avenue Scottie' Sheet Set
Park Avenue Scottie Sheet Set

Tommy Hilfiger 'Hydrangea Petals' Duvet Set
Hydrangea Petals Duvet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Apple Picking' Sheet Set
Apple Picking Sheet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Williamstown' Decorative Pillows
Williamstown Decorative Pillows
Tommy Hilfiger 'Mariners Cove' Sheet Set
Mariners Cove Sheet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Hydrangea' Open Stock Window Panel & Valance
Hydrangea Petal Window Panel and Valance

Let me know if you're not a member of RueLaLa and I'll invite you! Just put your email in the comments below or ask me by emailing You don't want to miss out - this particular sale only lasts a couple more days!


first week of school - supplies

Classes started this week and I already have a ton of stuff to do! I think I will really like my classes this semester. I'm taking a biology lab for core - I never liked bio in high school but this class actually sounds pretty interesting. I'm taking some PR and journalism classes, including photojournalism - I can finally learn more about using my SLR...which means better photos on Sunny Sweetheart! Dance Team tryouts are coming up in a couple of weeks and I have already started yearbook and prepping for Zumba classes.

With all this plus a ton of other stuff going on, I need to keep organized! Having the right supplies really comes in handy when there's so much going on.

I've had a pack of BiC mechanical pencils for years and I still have enough to get me through senior year. These pencils last a long time and I like them much better than regular pencils. (Don't have to sharpen!)

A planner is essential for me. If I don't write everything down, I'll forget it!

Paper clips just come in handy.

I use a new Five Star notebook every semester. I prefer the 5-subject ones because I have all my notes for every class in one place. That way, I don't grab the wrong subject on accident when I walk out the door! The covers are sturdy and will last a whole semester without ripping off. The pockets are nice to store handouts from class.

Where would I be without Sharpie highlighters, I don't know...I color code my planner, notes, and study guides.

A bedazzled blue stapler! My roommate has this exact one. Mine is regular purple. But I like hers because it's sparkly. Haha :)

I almost forgot about post-its. I write everything on sticky notes, from reminders to lists. Target always has a bunch of patterned or colorful cubes of stickies to choose from.

Happy first week of classes for those of you back at school!


Monday, August 27, 2012

tumblr monday

Happy Monday! I've missed Tumblr Friday the past two Fridays...things have been so incredibly busy that my I haven't had much time to even think about blogging! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr the past couple of weeks:
T. Swift has it right.
Christian Dior Haute Couture
Christian Dior Haute Couture. Gorgeous.
A school of fish!
Vintage American Flag
A vintage American flag
Black sandals with bows - adorable!


***all image source credits may be found on my tumblr

Saturday, August 25, 2012

21st birthday - I need ideas!

Hello all, so next week I will be 21 AND a senior in college! I have a general plan of what I'm going to do, but my friends are being a little secretive, so I'm not totally sure of what will happen. Basically the general plan is to have a little party the night before my actual birthday and go to the bars near campus on midnight. The next day we might go out to dinner - or so I've been told, haha.

I've been talking about wearing a birthday sash instead of a sign with "challenges." A lot of girls will wear a big poster board with challenges to do throughout the night but I really don't like the idea of wearing a giant sounds...silly. (And it would cover up my outfit.)

This is where you come in! I have been thinking of ideas for a sash, and I was going to make one, but my friends said they'd do it for me. I want to give them an idea of what it will look like though - I'd love to hear any ideas of what it should look like (Pinterest only has so much...) something with glitter, or just sparkly...if you have any ideas please link up to a blog post or pins or whatever!
bow & arrows
I'd like it if there is glitter on my sash :)
Then for Labor Day weekend I've been entertaining the idea of going out to the lake. It will still be really hot, and of course to celebrate being 21, I thought it would be fun to take a cooler for drinks. I want to DIY a cute one, preferably 21-themed, in the same realm as these:
Personalized Monogram Cooler inspired by Lilly Pulitzer prints
Very first cooler I painted! :)

A lot of girls seem to do Lilly prints. Any other ideas for prints or colors?
What about....
Crafting/Painting tips?
Rhinestones vs. Glitter?

I'd love to hear your tips! Please help a girl out here :) This post sounds extremely tedious but hey - you only turn 21 once! And I plan on celebrating BIG!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

bright green chino shorts

Shorts: J. Crew Tank: Nordstrom Belt, bracelet: Forever 21 (similar bracelet) Shoes: New Look London (similar)Ring: Kate Spade Sunglasses: Chanel

I got these bright green chino shorts from J. Crew last weekend and I love them! They definitely take center stage, so I kept my top and shoes neutral. But I didn't want to shy too much from color, so I added a matching green bangle with a belt and ring to complete the look. 

I know fall fashion is everywhere, but summer is still going strong! I'm going to soak up summer as long as I can. And that means wearing bright-colored shorts. :)


Monday, August 20, 2012

black one shoulder dress

Dress: New Look London (similar) Sunglasses: Chanel Sandals: Dolce Vita (similar) Bracelets: Forever 21 Watch: Michael Kors

This is my first time blogging from my new laptop! The charger for my old one broke so I was able to just swap the old one for the new one (thank you, insurance). I haven't blogged in over a week and have had minimal access to a computer for just as long. I recently went to a UCA/UDA college spirit camp (so fun) and then celebrated an early birthday with my parents. Now I'm back at school ready to kick off my senior year!


Friday, August 10, 2012

tumblr friday #13

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
Aw, Harry, so cute.
So many colors to choose from! I think I like pink the best, or the bright green. Which color is your favorite??
Bart Bass keeps gold bars in his safe.
A still from a season 2 episode of Gossip Girl. EVERY time I watch this episode I laugh so hard when I see the bars of gold in Bart Bass's safe.
J. Crew chino shorts - again, so many colors to choose from! I recently bought a pair in navy and I am in loveeee. They are so comfortable. I think the neon pink is next on my list.
One word: wallpaper.


PS - photo credits may be found on my tumblr

Thursday, August 9, 2012

to explain my absence (what I've been up to)

I can't believe I haven't blogged all week! My schedule has been filled with finishing my internship, preparing for dance camp, and spending time with friends. 
Getting ready for this! Super excited because I haven't been to UDA since high school and since this is my last summer ever as a student, this is my last chance to go to a UDA camp!
Exploring my English roots at camp. I helped out with one of the big events for my internship at camp and got to do archery! SO fun. Like I actually try to find a place to take archery lessons...haha! (But really).
I am teaching my own Zumba class this fall! I've been subbing all summer so I'm excited to have my own class.
To get class credit for my internship, I had to write a 5-page paper. It felt so weird doing homework in the summer....
Speaking of homework, my last year of school EVER begins soon. I cannot believe how fast summer - and college - are going by. 
Anyways, I need to get some rest! I have a busy day/week/month ahead! Enjoy the start of the weekend :)


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I've never really been one to make a large amount of a meal to break into multiple meals throughout the week. I know it's practical, but even I'm too lazy to cook chicken (more like afraid I'll undercook the meat) even though it could last a whole week. Lately, however, I've been making salads ahead of time so I can have it ready to go for dinner. This week I even brought salads to work for lunch! (So much cheaper than buying food every day...)
I chopped up one Roma tomato, one orange bell pepper, and one avocado.
I made a salad with lettuce, avocado, and grapes (so good!) for Tuesday....
...and one with lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, and avocado on Wednesday. I drizzled olive oil instead of dressing on both.
Then I stored the remaining crudites in storage containers. Now when I feel lazy about preparing food, I don't have an excuse to skimp on salad!


Friday, August 3, 2012

tumblr friday #12

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my faves floating around Tumblr this week.
Oh, the MySpace days...
I can't believe it's already August! This summer has flown by.
Beautiful photo of seashells. Take me to the beachhhhh
Totally agree.
This is such a beautiful photo. I love the lighting and the mood.


*Photo credits may be found on my tumblr