Thursday, August 30, 2012

tommy hilfiger home on ruelala

I don't often look at the home/living section on RueLala, but I am loving the selection of Tommy Hilfiger home decor! From bedding to curtains and pillows, there is a lot of choose from - at a great discount - if you're looking to redecorate or add something new to your home.
Tommy Hilfiger 'Rose Cottage' Open Stock Window Panel & Valance
Rose Cottage Window Panel and Valance
Tommy Hilfiger 'Park Avenue Scottie' Sheet Set
Park Avenue Scottie Sheet Set

Tommy Hilfiger 'Hydrangea Petals' Duvet Set
Hydrangea Petals Duvet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Apple Picking' Sheet Set
Apple Picking Sheet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Williamstown' Decorative Pillows
Williamstown Decorative Pillows
Tommy Hilfiger 'Mariners Cove' Sheet Set
Mariners Cove Sheet Set
Tommy Hilfiger 'Hydrangea' Open Stock Window Panel & Valance
Hydrangea Petal Window Panel and Valance

Let me know if you're not a member of RueLaLa and I'll invite you! Just put your email in the comments below or ask me by emailing You don't want to miss out - this particular sale only lasts a couple more days!


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