Thursday, August 30, 2012

first week of school - supplies

Classes started this week and I already have a ton of stuff to do! I think I will really like my classes this semester. I'm taking a biology lab for core - I never liked bio in high school but this class actually sounds pretty interesting. I'm taking some PR and journalism classes, including photojournalism - I can finally learn more about using my SLR...which means better photos on Sunny Sweetheart! Dance Team tryouts are coming up in a couple of weeks and I have already started yearbook and prepping for Zumba classes.

With all this plus a ton of other stuff going on, I need to keep organized! Having the right supplies really comes in handy when there's so much going on.

I've had a pack of BiC mechanical pencils for years and I still have enough to get me through senior year. These pencils last a long time and I like them much better than regular pencils. (Don't have to sharpen!)

A planner is essential for me. If I don't write everything down, I'll forget it!

Paper clips just come in handy.

I use a new Five Star notebook every semester. I prefer the 5-subject ones because I have all my notes for every class in one place. That way, I don't grab the wrong subject on accident when I walk out the door! The covers are sturdy and will last a whole semester without ripping off. The pockets are nice to store handouts from class.

Where would I be without Sharpie highlighters, I don't know...I color code my planner, notes, and study guides.

A bedazzled blue stapler! My roommate has this exact one. Mine is regular purple. But I like hers because it's sparkly. Haha :)

I almost forgot about post-its. I write everything on sticky notes, from reminders to lists. Target always has a bunch of patterned or colorful cubes of stickies to choose from.

Happy first week of classes for those of you back at school!



  1. love the print on the cover of the planner. Wow seems like you have a lot of stuff to do and they all sound fun. Hopefully my school year will be like that. x

  2. ahh I miss "back to school" time!!