Sunday, March 27, 2011

New College Fashion Post!

My latest College Fashion post is up!
I'm a Looks on Campus contributor this semester, and it is just so much fun.
This post features my friend Abbie and her take on style, summer trends, and her experience shopping in Italy.
Click here to read the interview, and here to read my other posts :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekly Ten

  1. I completely slipped on the tiniest muddy hill today. On my butt. In the middle of campus. At least no one saw (I did a complete wide-eyed-spin-around-walking-backward deal, which would've made it way more obvious if there were witnesses). My clothes were caked in grassy mud! Ew. On the bright side, it all came out when I immediately washed the clothes and now they're fresh and clean. Phew.
  2. Dave's Killer Bread. (Yes, that's the name of it). It's great bread, and also has the USDA Organic label - another plus! One slice folded over with PB (the "universal acronym for peanut butter," according to my nutrition professor) is a great snack.
  3. I just learned that Helvetica, the typing font, comes from the Latin word for Switzerland (Helvetia.) How do I know this? We watched the super exciting feature film based solely on the font Helvetica in journalism class today. The first 20 minutes were interesting, then I almost couldn't keep my eyes open.
  4. PR Couture posted a great interview about getting an internship with public relations in the fashion world.
  5. I'm going to study abroad in Italy this summer and signed up to go to London on one of the weekends and the Amalfi Coast/Capri on another. I'm SO excited.
  6. I updated my Flickr account with more photos - they aren't very new, but I liked them :)
  7. I got a $4 case on Amazon for my BlackBerry, and to be honest, it has lasted way longer than my original $35 BlackBerry case - kind of ironic...
  8. Last Friday, Forever 21 donated 100% of all its online sales to the American Red Cross in order to help Japan. Even though it's over, that was a great thing for them to do.
  9. We have a bye in pickleball this week. Dang. I want to play.
  10. I usually don't have drinks other than water (other than the occasional diet coke or chocolate milk), but I like this little concoction I made - tangerine flavored club soda, cranberry juice, and an orange slice. It's a pretty color, looks tropical, and gives me just a little dose of summer.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Doesn't this cupcake look yummy?
My friend Morgan made a batch on Valentine's Day.
I thought they were so pretty that I just haaad to take pictures. To remember the sensation of eating it, ya know.
The little thing on the top is actually a pink whopper candy. (I didn't eat that part - sorry Morgs!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Few Favorite Looks From This Season's Gossip Girl

Ever since season one, episode one, I have been a huge fan of the popular teen-novel-turned-television-show Gossip Girl. The setting in New York, the on-going drama surrounding family and relationships, but most importantly - the fashion. Gossip Girl has been on the radar even for its fashion alone since it debuted in 2008 - and it is no wonder why, since costume designer Eric Daman (who used to do Sex and the City) creates esquisite looks for each character from head-to-toe. While there was so much hype about its fashion with season one, season four has not been an exception. Here are a few of my favorite looks from season four:
The girls spend their summer in Paris at the beginning of season four, and their clothes definitely are the opposite of "ugly American." Serena looks more It-Girl than ever in her belted pants, hat, and heels, and Blair stays classy in a cute dress and heels. Their best accessories may be the Chanel bags, though. ;)
Blair's gorgeous, floor-length Oscar de la Renta gown + Chuck's Parisian boy ensemble. Enough said.
Serena's All-American light denim blazer and striped t-shirt balance out the glittery skirt and shiny bag. Her tossled waves make it effortless.
This picture just cracks me up - the expression on Blair's face and her matching minion in the background carrying all her stuff. I loved this scene with all the yellow and orange tones, especially with the fall leaves scattered on the ground. It is a perfect end-of-summer look as the season transitions to fall.
Juliette was definitely not a favorite character of mine but always impressed me with her style. I like how she always wore young yet sophisticated outfits. This outfit was one of my favorites, with the bright red bag contrasting against the neutrals of the dress, blazer, and necklace.
LOVE the coat, tights, hat, bag. The way Blair mixes the patterns of the adorable plaid coat with the grey lace tights is flawless.
This photo is a flashback of Serena when she was at boarding school. It is another way of how they mix patterns on the show: the plaid shorts, striped blazer, tie, tights. I really like the piping on the blazer and those gray oxford flats. It was refreshing to see a scene from this season that shows how they know how to dress up a simple school uniform!
This is a photo from the episode when Blair starts her internship at W, and I love her office-ready outfit. I really like the belted shorts with the tights, and the top and cardigan tie everything together.
While the girls on the show get most of the attention, the boys never disappoint. Especially when they wear suits...Love. It.

I'm excited to see the rest of the season when the weather warms up and the characters wear more spring looks! Until next time,
haha I just had to do it.

PS - I found this great vintage article from Vanity Fair of an interview with costume designer Eric Daman himself. Interesting to see how each character's style has evolved since then!

Photo Source

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures In...Colorado: Part 2

Aww, friends.

After spending a few days in Colorado with my friend Jenn, (see part 1 of this Adventures In...) I realized a few things:

That it doesn't snow all over the state in March, and can even get pretty warm this time of year.

That I still really like chocolate. (Reese's + chocolate cake batter ice cream = gold).

That movies like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story never get old (Yes, Chad Michael Murray is still just as attractive as you thought he was back when you were thirteen.)

What does get old about those movies are the cell phones - technology has come a long way since the good ol' flip phone.

That Lady Gaga is way less intimidating than I thought.

That Travis Wall is an incredible choreographer. Wait, I already knew that. But still - he's amazing.

That when you have been friends with someone for a long time, it doesn't feel like you've spent any time apart, even though it's been a while.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekly Ten

  1. Pickleball. Such a fun sport! I got to rekindle my 9th grade PE love for it today during intramurals.
  2. Spring break. It was so relaxing. And so much fun. And much needed. And I got to see the sun for the first time in a while. Amazing.
  3. Haha, two girls broke into Justin Bieber's hotel room wearing housekeeping outfits.
  4. The Bachelor finale is tonight! My guilty pleasure show...excited to see who he proposes to, and if they actually get married in the future.
  5. The grass on campus is starting to be green again! Spring is coming...
  6. On a similar note, I'm loving shopping for spring clothes! Yet it is not quite spring weather yet, but I like this light long-sleeve dress that would be perfect for the transition season.
  7. A world-famous supermodel is going to Harvard...I never would've guessed.
  8. From College Candy, Celebrity Endorsements That Actually Make Sense.
  9. The band Passion Pit. I've heard their music but didn't know the name, and now that I do, I can't stop listening.
  10. Gossip Girl isn't on till April, sad. Where will I get my Chace Crawford fix?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures In...Colorado: Part 1

Today I got to finally see my best friend Jenn at her new home in Colorado! While at Mellow Mushroom (a pizza restaurant, in case you were wondering), the song Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard - our be-YOND favorite song from the junior high days - came on. It was like the universe knew that we had reunited or something.

Our conversation was like this:
Jenn: "Do you realize what song is playing right now?!"
Me: "This song is so old! I remember listening to it over and over in junior high!"
Jenn: "2004. Get it."
Me: "2004 was like seven years ago. Woah."
Jenn: "Woah."

Then we sat there for a few moments, in sudden realization of how long ago 2004 was.

It is crazy how fast time flies by.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Makeup Review

I just got some new face makeup a few days ago! Since March is usually the only time of year I get new makeup, I was using the last little bits of powder of my foundation until I decided it was time, like every March, to get new makeup.

Something about the Benefit counter at Macy's attracted me - maybe it was the adorable packaging the products come in or the bright colors, but I knew I wanted to take a closer look. I've also been using the Benefit Hoola bronzer and their Dr. Feel Good lip balm for quite some time (love them both!) so I had a feeling these other Benefit products would be a good match for my skin.

My purchases included You Rebel tinted moisturizer ($30), Girl Meets Pearl highlighter ($30), Hello Flawless! powder ($34) - all three included in the website's bestseller section - and a bronzing brush ($22).

You Rebel
I really like the tinted moisturizer for three things. One: Since it is still winter here in the northwest, the moisturizer is exactly what I need from the cold, dry air. Two: The tint provides a much-needed glow for my pale complexion. Three: It has SPF 15, which keeps the little bit of sunlight we get this time of the year from damaging my skin.

Hello Flawless! and Bronzing Brush
I really like this powder because it provides a nice finish on top of the moisturizer. It also helps balance out the tint so it doesn't look too dark. The bronzing brush is what I use to apply the powder and is incredibly soft.

Girl Meets Pearl
This is the first time I've ever used a highlighter, and I like the way it brightens up my face. I apply it to the tops of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and other high points on my face. It feels light and fresh! In order to get the cream through the holes, just twist the bottom and it will come through the top (as shown in the bottom picture).

So far, I am very pleased with these products. It feels nice to switch up my makeup routine after such a long time. Let's see if this will all last until next March when I do my next makeup check-up!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Weekly Ten

  1. Gonzaga Basketball – West Coast Conference champions! Way to work, Zags
  2. Getting a break from school after SO much midterm studying
  3. The new Free People spring clothes
  4. Benefit cosmetics – just discovered their tinted moisturizer foundation, great for my very not-tan-winter face
  5. I get to visit my best friend on Wednesday! She moved to Denver last summer, and I haven’t seen her since!
  6. My brother is launching a digital magazine soon – take a look at the awesome promo video here. It is so legit, and two minutes you will not regret.
  7. I’m getting a pedicure tomorrow! It’s been awhile and my dancer/runner feet definitely need it
  8. It stays light out past 5:30pm! Summer is coming…
  9. The Pioneer Woman’s photography. She can cook and take pictures – two things I want to improve with. Respect.

Story Time: Flowers

I’ve always had a thing for flowers. When I was a lil’ tyke running around the backyard, I used to tell all my friends, “When I grow up I’m going to be a professional gardener!” My dad would come back from business trips and ask me if I wanted a souvenir – “Flowers!” I would say. So when my dad came back with a bouquet of fake decoration flowers, I would stick them all over random parts of the backyard…and then they disintegrated over time. Sounds like a great path to professional gardening, right? While I don’t actually see myself ever becoming a professional gardener, (if that profession even exists), I do love the beauty flowers add to a room. Peonies are my favorite, but I also love tulips, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oxford Love

I recently discovered these adorable Steve Madden oxford flats online at Nordstrom. What I like about oxfords are their versatility with different outfits and seasons. I can see these with skinny jeans in the winter, or with a pair of crisp shorts in the summer.

While I like all the styles, the ones that catch my eye are definitely the ones with the cute navy and white striped bow (top). The only thing is, I can't seem to find them anywhere! If anyone finds them online or in a store, please let me know! My future-lace-up-oxford-adorned-feet will thank you.

Sunny Sweetheart

Hello, hello! My name is Ally and I decided to create Sunny Sweetheart because I've been wanting to start writing a personal blog for a while. The name describes my personality pretty well - I am known as a happy person who enjoys sunny days. While I'm sure this site will develop more over time, I'm planning on writing about daily life, style, wellness, and anything sunny and sweet (and really, who doesn't want a lil' of that in their lives?)

As of now, I aspire to one day have a career in journalism or advertising - I love to read & write and am completely fascinated by advertising's power of persuasion. I enjoy bright colors, beaches, dance, writing, reading, exercise, boat shoes, chocolate, sticky notes, white peonies, traveling, and of course, my incredible family and friends.

Keep coming back to read more, and let me know if you have any suggestions with an email or a comment!