Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Few Favorite Looks From This Season's Gossip Girl

Ever since season one, episode one, I have been a huge fan of the popular teen-novel-turned-television-show Gossip Girl. The setting in New York, the on-going drama surrounding family and relationships, but most importantly - the fashion. Gossip Girl has been on the radar even for its fashion alone since it debuted in 2008 - and it is no wonder why, since costume designer Eric Daman (who used to do Sex and the City) creates esquisite looks for each character from head-to-toe. While there was so much hype about its fashion with season one, season four has not been an exception. Here are a few of my favorite looks from season four:
The girls spend their summer in Paris at the beginning of season four, and their clothes definitely are the opposite of "ugly American." Serena looks more It-Girl than ever in her belted pants, hat, and heels, and Blair stays classy in a cute dress and heels. Their best accessories may be the Chanel bags, though. ;)
Blair's gorgeous, floor-length Oscar de la Renta gown + Chuck's Parisian boy ensemble. Enough said.
Serena's All-American light denim blazer and striped t-shirt balance out the glittery skirt and shiny bag. Her tossled waves make it effortless.
This picture just cracks me up - the expression on Blair's face and her matching minion in the background carrying all her stuff. I loved this scene with all the yellow and orange tones, especially with the fall leaves scattered on the ground. It is a perfect end-of-summer look as the season transitions to fall.
Juliette was definitely not a favorite character of mine but always impressed me with her style. I like how she always wore young yet sophisticated outfits. This outfit was one of my favorites, with the bright red bag contrasting against the neutrals of the dress, blazer, and necklace.
LOVE the coat, tights, hat, bag. The way Blair mixes the patterns of the adorable plaid coat with the grey lace tights is flawless.
This photo is a flashback of Serena when she was at boarding school. It is another way of how they mix patterns on the show: the plaid shorts, striped blazer, tie, tights. I really like the piping on the blazer and those gray oxford flats. It was refreshing to see a scene from this season that shows how they know how to dress up a simple school uniform!
This is a photo from the episode when Blair starts her internship at W, and I love her office-ready outfit. I really like the belted shorts with the tights, and the top and cardigan tie everything together.
While the girls on the show get most of the attention, the boys never disappoint. Especially when they wear suits...Love. It.

I'm excited to see the rest of the season when the weather warms up and the characters wear more spring looks! Until next time,
haha I just had to do it.

PS - I found this great vintage article from Vanity Fair of an interview with costume designer Eric Daman himself. Interesting to see how each character's style has evolved since then!

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