Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekly Ten

  1. Pickleball. Such a fun sport! I got to rekindle my 9th grade PE love for it today during intramurals.
  2. Spring break. It was so relaxing. And so much fun. And much needed. And I got to see the sun for the first time in a while. Amazing.
  3. Haha, two girls broke into Justin Bieber's hotel room wearing housekeeping outfits.
  4. The Bachelor finale is tonight! My guilty pleasure show...excited to see who he proposes to, and if they actually get married in the future.
  5. The grass on campus is starting to be green again! Spring is coming...
  6. On a similar note, I'm loving shopping for spring clothes! Yet it is not quite spring weather yet, but I like this light long-sleeve dress that would be perfect for the transition season.
  7. A world-famous supermodel is going to Harvard...I never would've guessed.
  8. From College Candy, Celebrity Endorsements That Actually Make Sense.
  9. The band Passion Pit. I've heard their music but didn't know the name, and now that I do, I can't stop listening.
  10. Gossip Girl isn't on till April, sad. Where will I get my Chace Crawford fix?

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