Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Adventures In...Colorado: Part 1

Today I got to finally see my best friend Jenn at her new home in Colorado! While at Mellow Mushroom (a pizza restaurant, in case you were wondering), the song Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard - our be-YOND favorite song from the junior high days - came on. It was like the universe knew that we had reunited or something.

Our conversation was like this:
Jenn: "Do you realize what song is playing right now?!"
Me: "This song is so old! I remember listening to it over and over in junior high!"
Jenn: "2004. Get it."
Me: "2004 was like seven years ago. Woah."
Jenn: "Woah."

Then we sat there for a few moments, in sudden realization of how long ago 2004 was.

It is crazy how fast time flies by.

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