Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekly Ten

  1. I completely slipped on the tiniest muddy hill today. On my butt. In the middle of campus. At least no one saw (I did a complete wide-eyed-spin-around-walking-backward deal, which would've made it way more obvious if there were witnesses). My clothes were caked in grassy mud! Ew. On the bright side, it all came out when I immediately washed the clothes and now they're fresh and clean. Phew.
  2. Dave's Killer Bread. (Yes, that's the name of it). It's great bread, and also has the USDA Organic label - another plus! One slice folded over with PB (the "universal acronym for peanut butter," according to my nutrition professor) is a great snack.
  3. I just learned that Helvetica, the typing font, comes from the Latin word for Switzerland (Helvetia.) How do I know this? We watched the super exciting feature film based solely on the font Helvetica in journalism class today. The first 20 minutes were interesting, then I almost couldn't keep my eyes open.
  4. PR Couture posted a great interview about getting an internship with public relations in the fashion world.
  5. I'm going to study abroad in Italy this summer and signed up to go to London on one of the weekends and the Amalfi Coast/Capri on another. I'm SO excited.
  6. I updated my Flickr account with more photos - they aren't very new, but I liked them :)
  7. I got a $4 case on Amazon for my BlackBerry, and to be honest, it has lasted way longer than my original $35 BlackBerry case - kind of ironic...
  8. Last Friday, Forever 21 donated 100% of all its online sales to the American Red Cross in order to help Japan. Even though it's over, that was a great thing for them to do.
  9. We have a bye in pickleball this week. Dang. I want to play.
  10. I usually don't have drinks other than water (other than the occasional diet coke or chocolate milk), but I like this little concoction I made - tangerine flavored club soda, cranberry juice, and an orange slice. It's a pretty color, looks tropical, and gives me just a little dose of summer.

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