Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 of my favorite hair products

So many people have hair products and tools that they swear by - "cult favorites," tools they've used for years, etc. Other people use hair products and tools, but aren't totally satisfied with them. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite hair products and tools I use and rate them as well!

Here are three products I regularly use, on a scale of 1 to 5. (1 being low and 5 being high).

Rating: 5

I really like this iron! It gives me waves that are more unique than regular curls and they usually stay bouncy longer (my curls often fall flat). Here's a photo of me on one of the days I waved my hair using this iron. It took me a few tries to get it down easy, because having two barrels is more different than one - you have to weave the hair in a figure-eight motion to get it to wave. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help you figure it out (that's how I did!) I recommend this for beautiful, wavy hair.

Rating: 3.5
The curls made using a curling wand (an iron without the clamp) are very popular right now. I like this style, so last fall I got this curling wand from Remington - I got the smaller barrel size version. It does a great job curling the hair, however, I wish the barrel was just a tad larger! Also, since the base is a little plastic-y, sometimes a few strands of my hair get caught in it. If I could go back, I might have just spent a little extra money on a nicer version, but I'm actually pretty satisfied with the purchase. Overall, it gets the job done!

Rating: 5
I LOVE THIS STUFF. It is pretty pricey - $40 per bottle - but a little goes a long way. (Apparently on the website I linked to has it on sale for over 1/2 off, which is awesome). I started using the oil in August, and even though I use it on my hair often, I still have a lot left! Just a dime-sized dab of the vitamin E-loaded oil is all you need to smooth the ends and bottom half of your hair, and voila! Shiny, silky hair. I usually put it in before I blow-dry my hair but it will work on both wet and dry hair. HUGE recommendation!

Anyone else use these products? What are your favorites? Any recommendations for me? (I'd love to know!)



  1. Human Hair Extensions

    I really like this iron! It gives me swells that are more exclusive than frequent swells and they usually remain lively longer.

  2. O love to use curling wand my hair a damn straight. Do you have any tip to save hair form damage?