Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring break in photos

Last week, I went to visit my best friend in Colorado over spring break. It was so warm that week! I laid out and even got a tan (crossing my fingers it will last a couple more months). We hung out just like old times, met each other's friends that live in the area, and ate ice cream. For some reason many of these photos involve food...it was too pretty looking to not photograph! Haha.

...we took photos on the gorgeous sunny day
....went out to eat
I think this was the best breakfast I've ever eaten. It was almost sad being too full to eat it all...
A red velvet pancake. Yes, you read that right.
...got our nails done and took pics on photobooth
...had Starbucks almost every day

Now it's back to reality and rain. It's the first day of spring (yay!) but the weather is far from it here - pouring rain and wind. I miss the Colorado sun so much, but more-so my bestie! I couldn't have had a better spring break. It was the perfect mixture of fun and relaxation.


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