Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lust List #2

Remember in January when I wrote about an amazing Milly handbag that I put on my "Lust List?" I was browsing Nordstrom.com and...
Milly just designed new Sperry boat shoes.
I know. 

They come in two styles; the rose print and the coral canvas:
[click here for the link to the shoes]

They are a little pricier than regular Sperrys ($125) but according to customer reviews, have special little details like gold grommets and the gold M. These are definitely on my Lust List!

I also saw this amazing Kate Spade bag. I love the bright colors and the cool detailing on the side (seen better in the picture on the bottom). What a fun bag! I love the chain straps, and the clasp reminds me of pink gumballs. :)
[click here for the link to the bag]

My Lust List keeps growing and growing...


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