Friday, March 16, 2012

Took this photo right before I went into ice cream Heaven

Last night my friend Jenn and I got these ice cream sandwiches from Cold Stone. I saw them in the freezer case next to the cakes, and apparently you can buy them separately! So we each got one to bring home and eat while watching Footloose. (I really liked that movie, by the way. I had heard both good and bad reviews so I wanted to see it.)

Anyways, these are so. darn. good.

I recommend getting one if you stop by Cold Stone - we got the kind that had the chocolate chips cookies with cake batter ice cream covered in sprinkles. Yeah, I think I'll pass on making any of the St. Patrick's Day recipes I wrote about yesterday because I'm still in a sugar coma from last night. And I need to go to the gym now.

Happy Friday!


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