Tuesday, March 13, 2012

seeing the sun

Sunglasses, hoodie: H&M Shorts: Rock & Republic Bracelets: ASOS Shoes: Sperry

This outfit isn't particularly interesting, but I was so excited to be wearing shorts that I had to post it! Being in  Denver, the altitude makes the sun feel a little warmer. I spent a very relaxing morning laying out and reading The Hunger Games book 2 (anyone else obsessed with the series?). I might look a little out of place wearing shorts in March, but it is currently snowing in Spokane so I need to get my fix before I go back to school. I restrained myself from wearing flip flops and wore my Sperrys to not look too out of place.

Also, I got this jacket at H&M, but I just realized it looks like an American Apparel knockoff. Oops? Haha. Whatever, I like the color. It goes nicely with the tribal bracelets! It is a perfect example of a hoodie I'd throw on in the summer when it gets chilly at night. I can not WAIT for summer weather! Who's with me on that one?!