Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mightybell - steps for following your dreams


"I love my job."

That's what everyone's career dream is, right? To do work that they love to do? To enjoy their time at work and leave feeling satisfied? That's what I want out of a job.

I'm still in school, but I'm currently applying and interviewing for internships. I want to learn more about my field of study and see what I really want to do! I truly enjoy the classes I'm taking for my majors and minors right now, and I am ready to apply what I learned to the real world. While I'm still figuring out my next internship, I am also thinking long-term. What do I want to do after graduation? Where do I want to live? Do I want to work in one specific field, work with people, or start my own business?

So many unanswered questions - which is exciting! (Now, if I were a senior, these questions would probably be really nerve-wracking. Good thing I am not quite there yet.)

I found out about Mightybell recently, which is a social site to create goals and experiences and organize big goals into incremental steps. It is pretty simple and easy to use. I really like sites like this that give tips on thinking about the big picture, but Mightybell is the most unique one I've found yet! Also, most "experiences" are free. Another plus.
Example of a question the site asks to fit an experience to your interests
The "experience" I am participating in is called Kristen Walker's Levo League's 7 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Full-Time Career. That sounds pretty nice, right?

Step one is about visualizing your end goal. Step one mentions, "Imagine the clothes you would wear and the layout of your dream office. Take a mental snapshot of your business card, and feel the pride that will surge through you when you hand it to people saying, 'I'm a insert your dream job title.'" You can't see the next steps until you've completed the previous one! So I currently don't know what steps 3-7 are.

So far, I find this 7-step experience really motivating. It makes me excited to keep learning and growing, and hopefully one day, if my end goal is still the same, I will make my vision come true. My dreams? They're going to happen. I know it.

Interested in signing up too? Click this link to go to the site.


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