Saturday, March 24, 2012

back to basics [music]

I don't know if this title totally makes for this post, but bear with me! So over Christmas Break, my brother asked me what type of music I had been listening to lately. I responded, "Uh, the new Coldplay, M83, and ... I don't know, some stuff on the radio." One thing my brother and I had growing up was a similar taste in music. He would tell me all about the cool new bands - I was totally into the pop-punk phase in junior high - and I always was listening to music on the bus. (Ha, the days before I was old enough to drive.)

My brother was shocked that I had lost my excitement for music. I was shocked too - it was weird that I hadn't been listening to my good ol' faves. Part of it might be switching to a new computer, and having to re-download all my music. I forget about some artists I don't listen to often.

Recently, I went "back to basics" (make sense now?) and downloaded some music from the bands I used to listen to in junior high and high school. Bonus was that most of them had come out with new music since then!

Here is my a new playlist I made with a mix of older songs and newer ones. This is more of my personal music taste; maybe you will like some of these songs too!


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