Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Put it on the "Lust List"

I was at Neiman Marcus recently and spotted this adorable Milly handbag. The pattern, size, and handles are what caught my attention. 
It would be perfect for spring and summer. It would go well with many outfits. It would go well with many of my outfits! (Or future outfits, that is). Let's just say it is on my shopping lust list.

After Neiman Marcus, I popped into Jimmy Choo. I These amazing sandals from the Spring/Summer '12 collection were right in front of the entryway. It was like they were just waiting for me to see their beauty. I didn't get them because it's too early for summer shoes. Oh, and they also cost $850 per pair. The $295 Milly handbag above doesn't seem so expensive now... ;)


PS - for some reason, Blogger hasn't been working on my computer the past couple of days. I could see other Blogger blogs, but not my own ... now I can. It's probably just a glitch, but explains my silence for the past few days!


  1. I don't like the Choos. They have too much going on if you ask me but that bag is so cute. I love the print and the structure.

  2. I am already polyvoring the outfit in my mind around this gorgeous handbag!!

  3. I think you need the bag! And I think you also need the shoes so I can swipe them from your closet when you aren't looking ;) We are now on the home stretch to spring... time to save up for the bag right?