Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brands I Love: Brandy Melville

When I was in Florence last summer a friend and I stumbled upon this boutique called Brandy Melville. Little did I know, it was about to become one of my all-time favorite stores.
Brandy Melville began in Italy and then arrived to the USA in 2008. The brand is opening up more stores worldwide. On the Amsterdam website, they describe the brand:

"Brandy Melville is well known for its Italian fashion origins in a stylish though effortless ways. The vibe of the line is effortless yet chic, with fabrics from soft cotton tees to angora sweaters, bringing out the best of bohemian grace."
The pieces are fashion-forward with a bohemian touch. The atmosphere at the Florence store felt friendly and beachy.
The closest Brandy Melville stores to me currently are in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach. There are also a few more locations, such as NYC and Hawaii.
My question is, how the heck did I find out about this fabulous store halfway around the world, when it has been in the same country as me for over three years?

Photos courtesy of the Brandy Melville website

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  1. I've never heard of that shop. Love that skirt and the jewelry is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.