Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trends Taking Off

Each season, designers incorporate new and recycled ideas to create their collections. As the fashion-minded people we are, we like to see what the new trends are and how they may fit into our wardrobes!

Some trends don't really take off, however. Overalls always attempt a comeback but haven't quite succeeded. Though remember how some people were terrified of jeggings, but now they're a huge hit? Many trends take a while to "make it to the big time." With Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week for F/W 2012 coming up in February (see the schedule here), I wonder which trends will come to surface!

Right now, I have an inkling these three trends may show up on the runways:

Flatforms were all over the runways last year, but many people thought they looked goofy, impractical, or tacky. Jeffrey Campbell is known for his outrageous shoe collection, and flatforms are now a part of it. I'm not a big fan of the ones in the photo above. I could find woven platforms with straps (like summer wedges, without the "heel") appealing, though. I guess we'll see!

Spencer from "Pretty Little Liars"
I have been seeing shirts with shoulder cutouts everywhere. And I mean everywhere - television, Pinterest, Polyvore, celebrities, retail and online stores...This style has definitely grown on me, and I just might pick up a shirt with shoulder cutouts for the warmer season!

I love, love, love peplum skirts, dresses, and shirts. I think they are adorable and classic-looking and can dress up any outfit. I've seen a little more peplum than usual lately, and am hoping it will take off this spring!

Twenty years from now if I see this post, I might think, "Wow, that looks ridiculous. Those trends are so 2012," in the same way that our parents look at high school photos and say "So '70s!" or "So '80s!"

At least the mullet haircut hasn't come back in style...Oh wait.
Kourtney Kardashian's adorable son, Mason