Sunday, January 8, 2012

a random place to take an outfit photo

Pink tank: Nordstrom Coat, skinnies: F21 Boots: Corso Como Necklace: Muses & Rebels

Today I was out shopping and getting a massage at the mall, and wanted to take an outfit photo outside. Well, there isn't much of a backdrop other than Game Stop apparently, haha.

I only had time for a few photos, so I tried to do a closeup on my necklace! My brother gave it to me for Christmas (his girlfriend helped pick it out) and I think it is gorgeous. I then added my new coat and riding boots for structure to balance out the bagginess of the tank.

Okay, so the photo at the top doesn't show the necklace very well. Here's a photo from their website:

Isn't it pretty?


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