Thursday, June 28, 2012

what to wear on 4th of july

Due to a request to do a Fourth of July themed post, I decided to create some outfits inspired by the holiday! These would be great for many festivities surrounding the fourth!

I think of a nice evening on a boat when I see this outfit! I love this bright blue swimsuit, which would look cool peeking out underneath the crochet of the cover-up. [My friend has this exact cover-up and loves it! It looks really good on too.] Metallic accessories keep it neutral but classic, and the floppy hat adds some extra glam.

I had to use this adorable flag bikini from a previous post - it is perfect for the fourth! This outfit is more casual and layers a chambray shirt over the swimsuit with denim shorts - what material is more American than denim? The pockets on the shorts have glittery stars sticking out the bottom (I couldn't resist) and I added some blue and white flip flops and red wayfarers to complete the look. Perfect for running around at a barbecue by the lake!

The red, sparkly nail polish inspired this whole outfit. It's like a firework on your nails! I matched the nail polish with a bright red tank and denim shorts and added classic accessories to not go overboard. I love the pearl and bow details on the flip flops and the leather band of the watch.

Let's celebrate the Fourth of July in style!



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