Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Last day of work - wearing a pink Kiel James Patrick bracelet and Nordstrom arrow bracelet. OH and Nordstrom liked my photo!!!! I was beyond excited. This was my actual reaction when I saw the notification (not exaggerating!):
 Floral statement necklace + windowpane (J. Crew top, Lou Lou necklace)
I got a little excited when I went to The Lucky Knot in Alexandria. It easily became my new favorite boutique! As you can tell, I got quite a few adorable items.
 July 2014 of the Jonathan Adler agenda is so patriotic and happy. :)
 A #TBT to Vegas 2013 last year! I can't believe my senior spring break was a whole year ago!
 Another throwback to sophomore year of college with one of my besties/roomies, Lauren!
I loved going to the gorgeous (and warm!) botanical gardens in DC.
 The beautiful view from the hotel...
 Wearing my spirit jersey near one of the most 'merican buildings I could find... ;)
Between my boots, my passport case, my phone case, and my bracelet, I had a LOT of pink going on. Sometimes I forget how many random things I have that are pink and happen to use them all at the same time, haha.


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