Sunday, October 30, 2011

Popular Prints for F/W '11-'12 - Shopping Guide & Inspiration, Part 2/3

On Friday I began the first of the three Popular Prints shopping guides on animal print. You can check it out here if you missed it!

Today we're looking at the second featured print, plaid. Plaid is a classic print that has been a fashion staple for years and will continue for many more. From preppy to grungy, to anything in between, there are many ways to incorporate plaid into an outfit! Check out the shopping guide below with inspiration from two fabulous outfits from the ladies I found on Lookbook.
1. Street style photo from Lookbook of Anosha T from Boston
2. Street style photo from Lookbook of Alexandra P from Vigo
3. Forever 21 "Fold Over Mid Shaft Boot" - $34.80
4. ModCloth "Hold Me Cloche" - $49.99
5. ModCloth "Going Study Skirt" - $64.9
6. ModCloth "Homemade Marshmallows Coat" - $177.99
7. Nordstrom "Dollhouse Plaid Peacoat" - $64.00
8. Forever 21 "Cotton Plaid Shirt" - $19.90
9. ModCloth "Crop Swap Top" - $29.99

Happy shopping! Check back soon for the last shopping guide on the navajo print!



  1. It totally looks like a coat you would wear! I love how it's called "homemade marshmallows coat" - what a cute name.