Thursday, October 13, 2011

in a good mood today

Jacket, Shirt, Tank: Nordstrom Skinnies: Forever 21 Shoes: New Look (London) Ring: Juicy Couture Watch: Michael Kors Scarf: Subdued Firenze

I'm in a great mood today! I was starting to get run down/sick/achy/stressed because of midterms, but then I realized I need to get rid of all those icky things. So I ate super healthy and had vitamins to get rid of my sore throat, got (some) sleep, and focused on getting stuff done. I woke up not feeling 100%, but a lot better than yesterday. It was sunny today too, and waking up to blue sky always makes you feel better.

I went to lunch again with my friend Abbie today, (every Thursday we go somewhere for lunch!) and tried this new cafe and got an enchilada. We sat outside because it was nice out and surprisingly warm. I had a quick break and now it's back to class and finishing things up before the weekend!


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