Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a bright blue tank to match the bright blue sky

Tank: Nordstrom Jacket: Italian leather market Necklace: H&M Black jeans: Hudson Flats: Report

Okay, so my tank isn't quite sky blue, but I love the rich, saturated cobalt color and the contrast with the black and silver. "Black and blue don't go together?" Think again! That rule has been outdated for a while now, and I am glad. Because I like this color combo a lot.

Awkward story: On a day I wore a cobalt dress with black tights in high school, and a friend said to me, "You look like a bruise! Okay, well you don't look like a bruise, but you're wearing bruise colors. So, kind of." Thanks for the observation...

Enjoy the lovely day today. :)


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