Friday, October 7, 2011

Polka Dots for F/W 2011

**I started this post in JULY and never posted it! So I thought I might as well put it up on the blog.

It's that time of year again! Stores are starting to stock new garments for next season to mark the beginning of new cold weather wear. This is bittersweet to me, as I get super excited for all the new trends and pieces, yet know that mid-October I'll be longing for sunny, hot days at the lake wearing nothing but shorts and a tank. And I'll long for summer clothes all winter long during the -12 degree weather. Yes, Spokane gets that cold.

Before I talk myself out of writing this post on fall fashion I'll share a few of my favorite looks from the spotty trend.

My favorite pair of tights (sheer with black polka dots) ripped when I was in Ireland! Though I'm sure I'll be able to find a replacement pair after Glamour magazine, Marc Jacobs, and Stella McCartney pretty much solidifed that polka dots will be a big trend this fall.
Blake Lively for Glamour
Stella McCartney
Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs
 Other trends I'm excited for are the 90s revival, 70s hippie lovin', leather everywhere, and lace-up ankle boots.

**It is mid-October now, and like I said above, I do miss the days at the lake wearing shorts and tanks! But the summer did last pretty long this year, so I can't really complain (until winter, haha). I am happy that I get to wear my new fall clothes and shoes, and am still looking for a new replacement pair of sheer polka dot tights! :)


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