Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a wonderful fall day

Sweater, tank (underneath), bracelets: Nordstrom Watch: Michael Kors Jeans: Joe's Boots: Chinese Laundry

I tried a different watch-bracelets combo today; it's nice to switch things up. I also love how the fairaisle tank underneath the sweater adds a dose of cozy to the outfit. I got to sleep in today because I didn't have classes till later so I wanted to stay comfortable with my outfit while still looking put-together. Even after sleeping in, I still had enough time to curl my hair and watch a little TV before class. My Super Sweet 16 reruns, anyone? (For junior high and high school nostalgia purposes only, of course).

Today was the day when the leaves just FELL off the trees! Every year a ton of leaves just fall basically overnight and it shows that autumn has officially arrived. I'll try to get out and take some photos to put them up here; campus is gorgeous right now.

I also am in the midst of re-designing my logo! I feel like my design right now is slightly amateur-hour and I want it to look more professional...we'll see how it looks...but if anyone has any recommendations for blog and/or logo designers please send them my way! I'd definitely appreciate it!


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