Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My "Personal Vintage" Collection

I saw a tweet earlier today that asked, "What are your pieces that are 'personal vintage,' as in you've been wearing them for years?" It was something like that - I thought it was from Refinery 29, but I couldn't find it when I went back to their profile! Anyways, it made me think about what my personal vintage items are. There are quite a few items in my closet that I've had for what feels like ages (I know, seven years isn't a lot to some people, but right now it feels like it to me!)

Building a classic wardrobe that lasts can be simple. Just find what pieces are comfortable, flattering, good quality, and most importantly ones that you LOVE! Below are a few items of clothing I feel like I've been wearing forever.

L to R: Pink tank from Nordstrom, leather jacket from an Italian market, white and gold tank from Macy's, and dress from Nordstrom.

LBD - Little (Lace) Black Dress
I've had this LBD for about four years now, and have worn it so many times. I've worn it to class in both high school and college, to run errands in, to parties, to celebration events, and just about everything else. It shows up in so many photos from the previous years that I debate whether or not I should wear it so often! I like switch up my tights and boots with it in the winter or wear sandals and stacked bracelets in the summer.

Long Pink Tank
I've had this tank also for about four years. I love the bright pink color and its surprising versatility - yet, I usually wear it with the same similar outfit combos that I love so much. In the summer I pair it with shorts; in the winter I like it with leggings or skinny jeans.

Leather Jacket
[folded in the photos]
I just bought this jacket over the summer so I'm not sure if it would qualify as "personal vintage" quite yet but it is quickly becoming one of my wardrobe staples. I wear it often and with just about anything - jeans, dresses, skirts, over a sweater, etc. It's a great jacket, perfect for the season, and has been durable thus far with the weather.

White and Gold Sparkle Tank
I've had this tank for SEVEN years! I got it when I was 13 in junior high and wore it about once a week and still wear it from time to time. This tank has remained a consistent piece of my wardrobe all the way back in the awkward "Myspace mirror pic" days (see first, below) up until recently in college (see second, below).
Come on, you have to admit you took MySpace "mirror" pics too...(give me a break, I was 14 here)
I'm still wearing the same shirt, so many years later!

L to R: Boat shoes from Sperry, Grey boots from Chinese Laundry

Pink Boat Shoes
I've had these Sperrys almost as long as the white and gold tank - SIX years! I got them on my 14th birthday during back-to-school shopping. They're a little beaten up from wearing them everywhere with everything for years, yet are still ultra-comfortable and in great condition. I like wearing them with jeans the best, but they're a great alternative to flip flops in the summer as well.

Grey Boots
I got these boots four years ago and was ecstatic when I was wearing them the same time I saw the Gossip Girl season one episode where Serena was wearing them! Blake Lively has a similar taste in shoes as me?! (Yeah, I know, it's a character and they have wardrobe stylists. Whatever.) I like how they can fold up or down from knee-high to over-the-knee boots. They work well over tights with skirts and dresses or paired with skinny jeans.

Diamond Stud Earrings
Earrings from Claire's
These aren't as old as the previous pieces, but I've had these (faux) diamond earrings for about two years now and wear them almost every day. I was with my friend Jenn when she got her cartilage pierced and she got a free pair of earrings - how generous of her to give them to me! They go with everything and will never go out of style. It's the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to everyday outfits.

What is in your "personal vintage" collection? I'd love to know!


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  1. My Frye harness boots (Junior year of high school! 5 years...) Also a great fitting Anthropologie tank. Those are the two big ones I think...