Monday, October 3, 2011

blue on blue on blue

Shirt: American Eagle Belt: Nordstrom Tank: Forever 21 Skinnies: Forever 21 Shoes: American Eagle

Today I decided to wear a chambray button-up with skinny jeans and blue sneakers. That's a lot of blue! It's a "broken rule" one of my good friends hates to see ... but I like it! It's monochrome without being too too. Right?!

Yesterday I got back from Swan Lake, Montana for the dance team retreat! It was so much fun and we really got to get to know each other as a team. We shared our "life stories" and were surprised how different our stories were yet how many similarities and connections we found within each other. We also ate a lot of M&Ms (aka the never-ending M&M bowl somehow kept getting refilled). Even for the first day of October - cannot believe it's already October - it was nice enough to go out on the lake.


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