Wednesday, April 4, 2012

working girl

Dress: Nordstrom Cardigan: J. Crew Tights, bracelets: F21 Watch: Michael Kors Heels: Steve Madden

Today I met with the people who I will be working with for my internship this summer! It was exciting to learn what I will be helping out with. I wore a semi-dressed up outfit, and whipped out my favorite pair of heels. I softened all of the black and white with a punchy pink cardigan and accessories. Apparently, since I'll be working with/at/near summer camps, I don't need to dress up every day. "Camp" clothes are all I really need to wear, except for a few events. So while I don't get an excuse to go shopping for business-casual clothes, I get to wear my favorite comfy shorts and sandals. Not a bad tradeoff for the summer.



  1. Pink cardigan softens it perfectly for the spring lovely work outfit :)

  2. thanks! also thanks for the follow! I'll go check out your blog :)