Thursday, April 19, 2012

PINK backpack

Didn't realize someone was watching The Princess Diaries on the TV behind me till I saw this photo, ha!
I got this PINK backpack last weekend! Yes, it's from Victoria's Secret PINK, but the color isn't just pink - it's PINK! When I saw the bright pink color I knew I just had to get it. Pink is one of my favorite colors. Are you getting sick of how many times I've used "pink" so far in this post?!


Okay, I'll try to tone it down.
 I love the brightness of the neon color and plan on wearing it a lot this summer. It is fun bag to take to the lake and other casual summer activities. It's probably a little too dressed-down to wear with the heels (I didn't wear it out that night), but it works with so many other outfits! I even wore it to class because it is tall enough to fit my books.
Blurry photo :(


Okay, now I'm done.


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