Monday, April 16, 2012

local coffee shops

There is something so cozy and refreshing about local coffee shops. Don't get me wrong, Starbucks is great, but it doesn't quite have the charm that local places do. Once a week, me and a few friends grab lunch off campus. Since we usually need to be doing homework - and spend hours doing so - we often choose a little cafe instead of a sit-down restaurant.

To be honest...I kind of like coffee from local places better than Starbucks. But shh! Don't tell them I said that!
I used to not drink coffee until earlier this school year. The taste never appealed to me and since I don't like warm drinks (I know it's weird - I don't like tea or hot chocolate either) I never had the urge to give iced coffee a go. However one day, I was tired and wanted a caffeine boost, so a friend told me to get an iced mocha. The chocolate and milk would help balance out the bitter coffee taste.

To keep my new-found love of iced mochas (nonfat, no whip cream, please) from turning into a daily - not to mention expensive - addiction, I try to limit myself to only a few a week.

A few of my favorite local coffee shops/cafes/bakeries/whatever you'd call it nearby are Rockwood Bakery, Rocket Bakery (they're different), and Service Station. 

Service Station has a fireplace and in the winter we would pull up our chairs next to it and watch the snow fall out the window. 

Rocket has some of the best sandwiches I've had in a long time. 
Rockwood doesn't have wi-fi so it's really nice to do homework there. I'll bring my laptop with the Internet pages I'll need already opened so I don't get distracted with blogs, email, Twitter, and Facebook! It's nice because I'm very productive when that happens.

I'm already looking forward to this week's meetup with my friends at a local place!


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