Monday, April 9, 2012

dance inspiration

Being a dancer, I enjoy watching other people dance. It is so inspiring to see people enjoy something they love, no matter what level they're at. When I want to improve my dance technique, style, jumps, etc., I always turn to YouTube to watch some amazing dancers! From studio to high school to college, solo to teams, here are a select few videos I've seen that blow my mind.

Sarah Pippin is 13 - yes, THIRTEEN - and won the NYCDA National Junior Female Oustanding Dancer Award for this piece in 2011. She has great control, extension...everything! Start watching and it gets a little crazy in the middle ;) Another exciting plus is that it is choreographed by Travis Wall!

No dance inspiration list would be complete without University of Minnesota! Always a front runner in the UDA Nationals competition, the dance team does wonderfully in the pom and jazz categories. This pom routine does not disappoint! The quad turn at the beginning made me rewind and recount the rotations...yeah, it's good!

Another University of Minnesota dance team video! This is this year's jazz piece. The only word I can describe this with is an all-capital "WOW."

The PULSE 2009 protege piece! Tucker Barkley, the choreographer, is just awesome. His work is so unique and crazy and I love it. This dance is funky-jazzy-hip hop. So cool!

In case you're curious, here is a choreography combo by Tucker Barkley and Ian Eastwood. Makes me wanna specialize in hip hop and not just jazz/pom! If only I could pull it off...

Go to about 1:00 for the dance to start. This is Mountain Vista High School's 1st-place pom routine at their 2009 state competition! Very clean and has high energy! I love how they use matching white poms instead of different colored ones; I think it makes this dance look clean.

That's all for now! This list could get so long I'd be here watching dance videos all night! I hope you enjoyed this dance inspiration. If you have any other favorites or want to share your own, feel free to link up a dance video in the comments!


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