Monday, April 2, 2012


Dress: Free People Jacket: Vivid Collection Flats: Report Double ring: Swank Boutique Knuckle Ring: F21

Do you know anyone who writes "hai" instead of "hi" in a text/email/whatever? I think I've received texts with haiii, but don't think I've ever written it. For some reason, though, I felt like writing it for the post title today.

Well, that was a random tangent.

Today I wore this floral-printed Free People dress with silver flats and a navy military-style jacket. I wore the silver flats and rings to play off of the jacket's buttons and the subtle grey background on the dress print. I thought about adding leggings or tights, realized I didn't have any that matched, and then left for class with bare legs. But guess what?! It wasn't that cold! Yes, a little chilly, but appropriate dress-without-tights weather. Hooray! Spring is on its way!


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