Sunday, April 15, 2012


Scalloped hems are another trend popping up this spring. I think scallops are girly and fun and am excited to possibly get something scalloped when I go shopping this season. 

Here is an "outfit" I put together with a scalloped shirt I adore:

Here are some other great scalloped options!

I like the sleeves on this dress - perfect for the semi-warm-semi-chilly weather of spring!
This tank takes on a bohemian flair with intricate lace and subtle colors.
The red color of this shirt is simple yet makes a statement.
The black and white detailing on this dress have a unique, '60s modern feel.
This dress is also black and white, but the structure is totally different! I like how the scallops are layered and the dress is fitted.



  1. I think scallops are really cute and girly! xoxo Demmy

  2. I LOVE the first and last dress! So cute!