Thursday, April 12, 2012

busy bee

The past two days. How do I describe them with one word? Busy.

I know I often mention on some posts that I have a busy day. I hope it doesn't get annoying! It just happens to be a fact recently. No matter how well I manage my time, my to-do list is getting longer. I love being involved in a ton of stuff outside of classes, because everything I do is something I enjoy. However, sometimes I feel burnt out. Like right now. I have so many commitments that I keep up with in addition to homework. With final projects, papers, and tests coming up, my list seems impossible. Then I saw this this quote:
like my homework right now...

True statement! When I cross something off my to-do list, I know that I am getting more things done. After a few things are crossed off, my to-do list goes from seeming impossible to possible.

Here is a photo from my phone that I took during midterms week:
So many lists! Staying organized helped me get everything done on time without making me lose my mind. (Knowing that Spring Break was right around the corner was good motivation, too.)

I also found this quote on Pinterest:
While waiting can work in some situations, hard work and determination can almost never fail. This is reassuring.

No matter how busy you are, keep a positive attitude! I know that feeling drained is not fun but staying organized and taking some breaks to relax will help and assure that you'll stay sane enough to get complete your to-do list! If you're busy and burnt out, know you're not alone - I'm right there with ya. :)


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