Friday, April 13, 2012

3 bustiers and how to wear them

Bustier tops are climbing up the trend latter this spring! With the crop top in full swing, bustier tops (sometimes called bralets) are being worn in many different ways - with hi-low skirts, high-waisted shorts, colored denim...there are plenty of options! As always, the lovely Topshop is ahead of the curve and presents plenty of fashion-forward bustier tops. Here are three bustier tops from Topshop that I adore:
One rule about bustiers: always wear them with a high-waisted bottom! The idea is to show a hint of midriff without exposing your whole stomach. Also keep this in mind when deciding where to wear them: a date with your boyfriend or a summer afternoon getting froyo with friends is fine, but to class or a work event may not be.

Here are three outfit options to wear with the bustiers above:

This look is so glam and just fierce!! The skirt and top both have exposed frontal zippers and wild prints. These shoes are just spectacular, and the watch is structured and cool. Infuse a hint of sweetness with a floral ring, and the outfit is complete! Just add some confidence and prepare to get double-takes on the street from your fab outfit!

This outfit incorporates so many trends. The bustier top alone is ultra trendy, but the high-waisted hi-low skirt adds another fashion-forward element. Cat eye sunglasses shade your eyes from the sun while looking mysterious, and the filigree bracelet makes for an intricate, yet simple, accessory. I have two shoe options for this outfit. The straw flats would be great if you'd wear this outfit in the sun all day, or say, to a festival. The green wedges punch up the outfit and add some unexpected color!

This look is something I would totally wear. I love the girly floral print in the bustier and the pink stripes on the shorts. The pink stripes play off the pink flowers in the top, which shows that there is no need to fear 
mixing patterns! Neutral Sperrys keep the look casual and comfortable, and the necklace and ring add some extra dazzle. Top it off with a fedora to finish the look!

Which outfit option if your favorite? Would you wear a bustier this summer? How do you feel about the trend? I'd love to hear your thoughts!



  1. I think these are so cool and would be great for summer. BUT, I just had my second baby, so I won't be wearing them. Boo. :( Maybe if I were 20 something again!!!


    1. boo :( I'm sure you'd be able to find a way!! PS - cute blog!

  2. I love bustiers and the third outfit is sooo cute! xoxo Demmy

    1. Thanks! The third is my favorite too :)

  3. Love this post! Great inspiration on how to wear them!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

    1. Thanks! checked out your blog - very cool!