Tuesday, November 8, 2011

garden nails

Yesterday I decided to do something completely new with my nails. While I've tried plenty of different colors ranging from pale pink to dark green, to greige, to neons, I've only done one single color. Sometimes I added glitter. :)

When I watched a Youtube video on how to get vintage rose nails, I had to try it!

My result:
My roses are a little messier than the ones in the video, but I think they still look good, considering it was my first time trying nail art!

Nail polish I used:

"Mermaid's Tears" by O.P.I., a jade green
"Sparrow Me the Drama" by O.P.I., a pale, dusty-looking pink
"Goldie" by Goldie, a shimmery red
 (I got the red polish in a mini-spa-kit-thing several years ago from Bath & Body Works, so my guess is that it's unavailable now.)

Here's the video tutorial I watched if you're interested in trying it out for yourself!


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