Thursday, November 3, 2011

what is this thing? a knitted headband?

Tunic: Macy's Jeans: Forever 21 Boots: Corso Como Bracelets: Nordstrom Watch: Michael Kors Knitted Headband: Anthropologie

I'm not sure what to call this thing on my head. A headband? A knitted headband? A kind-of-hat? Whatever you call it, it is one of my go-to cold weather accessories. It is a winter take on the hippie headband, and provides a lot of extra warmth as the temperatures drop. Speaking of, it was supposed to snow last night but it didn't! I'm glad. I'm not ready for the snow yet.

I'm also a fan of stripes. I love bright colors, especially in the winter. Cold weather accessories make a bright sweater feel more "appropriate" (though I think bright colors are acceptable all year round) and adds a little dose of happiness on a cloudy day, in my opinion.

The new Trader Joe's just opened in Spokane last weekend. I went on the opening day and it was madness. Complete madness. The lines reached the back of the store and I waited to check out for 45 minutes. I went back today and some items were completely sold out! Including my favorite peanut butter-filled, chocolate covered pretzels...but that's okay. Now that Halloween's over, I'm going to stock up on plenty of half-priced chocolate and peanut butter candy from the other grocery store. Reese's pumpkins? Yes, please!

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