Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new jeans // studious

Necklace: American Eagle Tanks, Jeans, Hat: Nordstrom Jacket: Vivid Collection Ankle Boots: F21

I'm wearing my new jeans today! I got them in the juniors section of  Nordstrom and am really happy with them so far. They were relatively cheap ($54) compared to my designer jeans and are super comfortable. I also really like the dark wash - I like to use dark, skinny jeans as a clean platform for the rest of my outfit.

I also have a navy jacket with a black tank on. I'm just breaking the fashion "rules" left and right! Haha. I wasn't really planning to do that; it just sort of came together.

You know those days in class where you're either really bored or really into the discussion? Today was an into-the-discussion day. I love when I enjoy class. It makes me feel studious and I usually am very productive. It's a good day. :)



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