Friday, November 18, 2011

On My Reading List

I really enjoy reading. I like relaxing and getting into a good book. But with classes, dance team, a bunch of other commitments, and a ton of textbook reading leaves me with little time to read for pleasure.

That is why I love breaks so much! Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break are all the best times to start a book when there's no homework to do. Summer is my favorite time to read, because I go outside and read in the sun. It's the best.
This weekend I'm traveling with Dance Team to perform at a basketball game in Canada! This includes very long train rides (14 hours both there and back) and so I will have a lot downtime.
Two books I downloaded on my Kindle for the weekend:
Vengeance by Kate Brian
I've been reading the Private series since the beginning of high school and this is the very last one! It's slightly a guilty pleasure since I feel that I am getting a little old, but the series makes me nostalgic. The series is about a girl who goes to boarding school on the east coast and all of the bad things that seem to be happening - a lot of mystery. However, these books are definite page-turners and involve major suspense.
The Hunter Games by Suzanne Collins
I have heard all the hype about this book and it makes me want to read it. I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but after seeing the movie trailer before Breaking Dawn I am so excited to read it.

Any other good books that you recommend I read? I'd love to know!

Happy holiday season.


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