Wednesday, November 9, 2011

sperry boots and lace dress

Dress: Nordstrom Watch: Michael Kors Bow hair clip, Bracelets: F21 Tights: Express Boots: Sperry

Remember the Sperry boots I wrote about a little while back? Turns out that I ended up getting them! :)
Here's a photo of the boots close up:

I originally was wearing grey suede boots with this, but it didn't look right. Then I tried black flats and silver flats, and it still didn't look right. Then I tried these beautiful new boots of mine, and I think they work! Even though it isn't raining or snowing today I think I'll still wear these. They're the only tall black boots I have! I still have a few minutes to decide if rain boots on a sunny day is too ridiculous...maybe I'll try the flats again. (Indecisive, much?)

Happy Wednesday.


PS - don't I look younger than usual in this picture? I have such a baby face...

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