Tuesday, November 1, 2011

breaking the (fashion) rules

Button-up: F21 Jeans, Bracelets, Scarf: Nordstrom Bag, Belt: American Eagle Shoes: Sperry Tank (Underneath): Mercer Watch: Michael Kors

Fashion "rule" #1: Don't wear navy and brown together.
Fashion "rule" #2: Don't wear different shades of white together.

I broke both of these rules today! I am wearing a white tank and a darker cream-colored scarf; navy checkers in the button-up with a brown bag and belt.
And I think it works perfectly.
Many fashion "rules" are so outdated.
Like the "Don't wear navy and black" one:
See? Kourtney Kardashian pulls off navy and black flawlessly, and even adds adorable animal print booties to go with it!
The "No white after Labor Day" rule? Forget it!
Kristen Bell shows us that white coats are a very chic alternatative to basic black. If typical autumn colors include dark reds, oranges, browns, and yellows to match the changing leaves, then it makes perfect sense that winter colors include white to match the snow.

Still not convinced? Read this vintage College Fashion article that says so otherwise!

Have you broken any fashion "rules" today?



  1. awesome! forget those fashion rules. i see so much white now for fall and white is a big no-no in fashion rules. i think it looks great. love the shoes.


  2. Thanks Lindsay! I loveee winter white - just saw a girl today wearing a fabulous white coat. I also really like your blog by the way!