Sunday, November 6, 2011

flower headbands

Lately I've been really inspired by Taylor Swift's style, especially in the hair department.

I'm loving the hippie-esque (or 1920s flapper-esque) headbands that she wears. My favorite headband I've seen is this:
I think it is adorable! After browsing around online, the only similar flower headband I found that I really liked was this one from Nordstrom:
[Also -- there weren't too many options to choose from, anyways. My guess is that most of these flower headbands are very spring/summer and now they're selling more of the knitted headbands like the one I wore on Thursday.]

I love the Nordstrom headband, but it's $32. That isn't too bad, but when I realized I could make my own for much cheaper, I set out to the craft store. I bought a couple of fake flowers and just might try my first-ever DIY. I always see DIY posts on blogs that I want to try, but I never have any craft supplies. I always seem to get impatient with crafts too, so this might be interesting.

If my headband(s) look good I'll put up another post! If not...well...I'll consider buying a flower headband at that point.

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