Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Saturdays

Everyone loves Saturdays...sleeping in, relaxing, doing random things you need to do, going out at night...but there is one more good thing about Saturdays.

Or shall I say, The Saturdays. As in the British female pop band that's gaining more and more popularity by the second.
I started this post back in July to write for later, the only notes being "fashion in the music video 'Higher.'" Since then, I've seen numerous street style posts on blogs showcasing their sense of fashion without having a glam squad choosing their outfits and doing their hair and makeup. Which makes me wonder if they did a little styling themselves in their music video?

Either way, I like the fashion in the video for "Higher." The song is pretty catchy, too. You can check it out for yourself here.

My favorite outfit is Mollie's (the black and white outfit with the fedora). What is your favorite?

Also, how adorable is Una's headband?! And the gorgeous, green eyeshadow?
This is a street style photo of two of the girls shopping in LA. Love the shoes, girls.


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