Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who doesn't love shopping?

After weeks of randomly lusting after clothes online, putting them in my shopping cart, but deciding not to actually buy anything, I decided to finally go to the nearby mall to get a couple things. It was a good way of celebrating finishing my first two exams of the year. I went to American Eagle first, then decided after spending all that money that I just needed to go home and hold off on shopping for a while.

I was really excited because after getting bored with American Eagle and not shopping there for the past couple of years, they seem to have gotten a style makeover and added a lot more urban-esque, bohemian, trendy pieces. This is what I got:
Patterned sneakers on sale for $14.99. I think they will be adorable with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a chunky knit sweater.
A wonderfully hippie-looking fringe bag for $39.50. I've been needing a brown bag for a while and finally found one that I really liked. I wore it Friday night!
The chevron stripes on the socks look like the ones seen all over the Missoni for Target collection. I got them for $6.50 and am going to see how they look with ankle booties.

I also couldn't decide on whether or not I wanted to get this black, floppy, boho hat, because I already spent quite the chunk of change. So I "justified" it by going back the next morning to get it...hey, I had to go to get my phone fixed at the mall anyway, and the hat was right there. They don't have a photo of the hat anymore on the website but it'll probably be featured soon in an outfit post!

Have you gone shopping recently? What did you get?


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