Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's been weeks!

It's been weeks since I've posted! And I'm sorry for being absent to those of you who read my blog, since I actually ran into a few people around campus who say they do! (Makin' me feel good! Haha). Sometimes I feel a little "blah" about social media, and then when I get back into it, I'm firing off tweets left and right and think of multiple things to write about on here. Anyways. I feel like there's so much to catch up on. This may turn out to be a random list (since I love lists) of things bouncing around in my head.

1. Classes have started! Eek, it's back to homework, papers, and those darn 9:25AMs. Which really aren't all that early. I've switched one of my minors from advertising to promotions, and it was a hard step! Because I've been an advertising minor since I started college. But they're basically the same thing, promotions is less credits, and it fits in my schedule since I have a major and two minors.

2. It's my first time, ever, living in an apartment. Goodbye, dorm life. Hello, almost-the-real-world. I'm an upperclassman now. And that means I have to cook for myself, and try to do something more than just eggs or toast. Or eggs on toast. Or an egg sandwich. Or toast and peanut butter. So, last night, I tried my hand at cooking a real, almost-grown-up meal: Pasta with Ragu alla Bolognese sauce, the same recipe from my pensione in Florence. It wasn't bad! I completed the meal with toasted French bread (cause I'm a pro at toast now), salad, peanut butter cookies, and a few good friends. I was going to take photos of this accomplishment and post them up here but I forgot. Fail. (Win for the dinner though.)

3. I got a pretty Michael Kors watch for my birthday :)

4. I also got wayyy too many varities of chocolate baked goods from friends surrounding my birthday week. Yes, they are so tasty, and I can't resist some good chocolate, but I've had to amp up my runs an extra couple miles. :)

5. It's been sunny and hot every day back at school, except for one. It is quite fantastic, and I am spending as much time outside as I can - even if it is doing homework.

6. I bought cute two 98 cent nail polishes the other day. One is white, which I am going to mix with a dark color to make ombre nails, and the other is glitter. The downside is that they're tiny bottles and I cannot open them...

7. I love love love these feather earrings I got a couple weeks ago at Forever 21 and have been wearing them quite often. 20 years from now, when I look at photos from the good ol' college days, I'll probably be like, "What was I thinking?!" I also got a couple 90s-revival skirts, a la Cher from Clueless, and some 70s hippie-inspired accessories. So in 20 years I might actually be like, "Whaaat decade is this chick going for?"

8. Random things I forgot from home to bring back to school: the free Xbox that came with my new laptop, nalgene water bottle, printer, desk organizer thing (my desk is currently a mess without it), my other sleeping pillow, and some winter coats...maybe my mind? Oops.

9. My roomie got a fish! For the bathroom. And named it Wally Blue. It's cute.

10. My friends threw me a lil surprise party-get-together-sorta-thing for my was fun. It was a good first weekend back at school. And I got brownies. And a pink princess crown. :)

11. I went to Pig Out in the Park, a little festival-food-booth sort of event put on every Labor Day Weekend in Spokane. Got a pulled pork sandy and chocolate (what else?) ice cream.

I think that's enough for now, haha. Adios amigooooss


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