Monday, September 26, 2011

Lazy Monday

Sweater: Tory Burch Tank: Nordstrom Boyfriend jeans: Rich & Skinny Shoes: Sperry Bangle: Forever 21 Watch: Michael Kors

Eh, I'm really not feelin' the photo today. I had probably about a minute of time to take it before a meeting I had to cover for journalism class. However, today was the first day I wore something other than a dress, skirt, or shorts (read: actual pants) because it was chilly and rainy this afternoon. I opted for boyfriend jean capris as to dip a toe in the cold-weather-clothing pool rather than dive in.

Today was a Lazy Monday because my classes today were cancelled! It somehow worked out that they were all cancelled on the same day. I got to sleep in and relax for a bit before having to actually do something. Long weekends are nice.

The meeting ran past 8pm, which is fine. Because the Gossip Girl season premiere started at 9pm. Oh wait, I mean, at 9pm when I turned on the TV, the end credits and commercial for next week's episode were on. I can't believe I missed it! I thought it was an hour later. Now I'll have to wait and try to avoid looking at my Twitter feed (since so many people are tweeting about the episode) till I can watch it online. Don't tell me what happened! :)



  1. Okay so both you AND your outfit are adorable. Me LOVES your sweater!! I watch GG religiously and I thought it was on at 9 too, but luckily I saw the guide when my Grandma was changing the channel...I was like HOLD UP my show is on NOW Gramzie, we cannot watch your political show now. Did you see Rachel Bilson's new show Hart of Dixie? It was pretty cute! Hope you have a good day :)

  2. aw thanks! haha that's good that you caught gossip girl! CLOSE call. I was thinking of watching Rachel Bilson's new show, cause I wanted to see it, but then I was so shocked/sad/mad that I missed GG that I turned off the TV and baked cookies instead (chocolate therapy) haha.